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Sylvio Behring Biography

Master Sylvio Behring was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 1962. Being the son of a prestigious black belt such as Flavio Behring, it was predictable that Sylvio would start practicing Jiu Jitsu from an early age, and indeed he did. When he was only four years old, Sylvio started training the “gentle art” under Joao Alberto Barreto.

In 1970 the Behring’s move to São Paulo and Sylvio trained with Gastão Gracie, four years later the family moved back to Rio de Janeiro and Sylvio picked up training with Alvaro Barreto.

At the turn of the century, in 1980, Sylvio (then a purple belt) was already an assistant instructor of Master Alvaro Barreto. It was also around the same time that Flavio Behring signed up his sons, Sylvio and Marcelo, to one of Brazil’s top Judo schools run by George Mehdi. Training under Mehdi he was eventually awarded his Judo black belt.

Sylvio Behring received his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt in 1984 in a ceremony attended by João Alberto Barreto, Reyson Gracie and Alvaro Barreto (Marcelo Behring would also receive his black belt later that year). In 1987 Sylvio Behring became the head instructor of the famous Corpo Quatro academy in Copacabana’s Rua Francisco Sá, a small academy famous for having had the elite of BJJ as coaching staff. Coaching at Corpo Quatro he built up a strong competition team creating in the process one of the very first all female teams in BJJ.

It was around 1992 that Sylvio strated working on the development of his “Progressive System of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”. Sylvio Behring was promoted to red and black belt (coral), 7th degree, in 2008 by Grand Masters: João Alberto Barreto, Alvaro Barreto and his father Flavio Behring. Sylvio also became the vice president of FJJDRio (Federação de Jiu Jitsu Desportivo do Rio de Janeiro). Master Sylvio is also one of the head coaches at the X Gym in Rio de Janeiro.


Mission Statement for Behring Ontario

• To promote the highest quality of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Self-defence and tactical mental preparation awareness in the world. Through expert guidance and training of the martial arts will enable this. 

• To strive for the highest standards of excellence in teaching, instructors, competitors, demonstrations, seminars and promotional events so as to accurately pass these traditions on to future generations.

• To maintain high standards for all students and teachers in order to preserve traditional beliefs that the student’s rank is earned through strength of character as well as their physical and technical capabilities.

• To spread Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to as many people as possible generating positive attitudes that help people gain richer, happier more peaceful and rewarding lives.

• To build a family of Martial Artists that will support each other in and out of the walls of the academy.

• To build lifelong friendships and experiences that will reflect throughout everyone’s life.

• To build a solid lineage to carry on the Behring family name in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and keep growing the family.


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News & Upcoming Events

Mestre Sylvio Behring Next Visit

Mestre Sylvio Da Matta Behring’s 2018 Schedule is set!

He will be coming to Toronto for his Bi-Annual Seminars and Symposiums on;

March 22nd  - 27th 2018 & September 20th 2018.
There will also be Instructors Certification Seminars, self Defence Seminars, Officer Safety Training, and Private training Available during his visit.

We will have a full week with a ton of Information and ceremonies! Looking forward to 2018!!!!! Mark your calendars now! More details to follow!


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